Thursday, June 07, 2007

RAAM 2007

i don't typically get terribly excited about the race across america.
i realize, living in iowa, where we have produced several local riders
who have competed and have done quite well over the years,
and being a cyclist, i should be more enthused, but i haven't been.
but this year, that has changed.
a friend and former teammate of mine, and local cat 2 biker bum,
nathan bartels, has hooked up with what most of us would consider
a dream team scenario.
and all he had to do was have type 1 diabetes.
nathan is a member of team type 1,
a national racing team, and a very well-sponsored one, at that!
he and his team, after racing around the country as preparation,
are converging in california this week,
preparing to win the raam team division.
you can follow along by reading their blog.
when you get there, explore their home site,
and learn about what folks with diabetes can do.
tell your friends with diabetes about nathan, about raam, about the site,
and encourage them to get out and ride.
go, nathan!


Mistress Julie said...

Go Nathan! He's my twin you know. Ask him.

Anonymous said...

Good lack Nathan!


the mostly reverend said...

he has an awfully cute ass,
and that's all i'm gonna say.