Monday, June 18, 2007

who IS this guy?

as loyal readers know all too well,
the mostly reverend is
a painfully modest, humble man of the cloth.
alright, it's lycra/spandex and leather,
but just the same, grabbing the spotlight
is HARDLY the mostly reverend's "bag."
but he is in occasional legion with any number of sordid,
shady characters of questionable repute. . .
many of whom were by his side sunday on the hill, by the way.
one of them is shown below.

ya can't say enough about chris maharry,
especially his affinity for pink.
but the man does know his way around a long lens!
one of the best shots known to man or woman.

the devil is a bit of a publicity hound, on the other hand.

here, he shown at the turnaround of the men's run, right in the long and close-up shot of the nbc sports camera. how's it look, donny and greg? official triathlon photography, no less.

please note the special edition bg/hyvee trident!

if you have photos from sunday's triathlon action that you'd like to share, send them to the mostly reverend, here at the orphanage. he'll think of something uplifting to do with them!

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