Friday, June 15, 2007

the six most frightening words

* * * * *

"hey, i ride bikes, too, but . . ."
. . . . .
these words are typically uttered by some asshole
who wants you to get out of [usually] his way,
so he can come around you in his giant SUV.
my favorite replies:
1--"no you don't."
2-- ". . . not as seriously as i do?"
3-- "you're just a big dumbass who can't respect me
as another human being?"
. . . . .
what would YOU say?

1 comment:

Mistress Julie said...

1. You haven't since you were seven?

2. Driving cars make it easier to channel your inner jackass?

3. Bikes require physical exertion...Something by the looks of you, you haven't done in fifteen years?

I could come up with a zillion of these...don't get me started dear.