Friday, November 16, 2007

coffee and cyclocross weekend, part 1

the mostly reverend hits the road this weekend, firing up the coffeebus and heading west to lincoln, nebraska, to raise the caffeine levels of racers and specatators alike at the sobe no ear cyclocross races and nebraska state cyclocross championships. we're one of the featured highlights. go figure. for the mostly reverend, it's an opportunity to determine whether he really sucks as much as his results at the iowa state championships would seem to indicate, or whether [his hunch] gear selection really does matter on a singlespeed bike. the week the mostly just spent on his death bed will no doubt cloud the issue, further making it questionable whether this foray into the cyclocross arena is pure folly, pure sport, or some combination of the two. however, he IS looking forward to driving and operating the coffeebus again.
this weekend is a tuneup for next weekend's jinglecross rock weekend, where the coffeebus will again be pumping fresh coffee, espresso beverages, plus hot choclate AND hot cider from zanzibar's coffee adventure in des moines, and for the mostly reverend, yet another chance to embarass himself and all the orphans prior to cyclocross nationals in kansas city in december.
stay tuned for results.


S.Fuller said...

Reverend... good luck this weekend!! We'll miss not having your wit around at Cranksgiving.

john said...

Embarass yourself - impossible!

nikki henderson said...

Hey!! I remember that day!! The boys were brand new, I think it was their first race!

the mostly reverend said...

johnny, i intend to embarass YOU in a week, so you'd better wear double or triple bike shorts!

have fun at living history tomorrow, and at the cranksthing in the afternoon.
somebody keep an eye on lou and tony and their cheatin' ways, okay?

Anonymous said...

that is a wonderful photo of coffee baristas, cyclists and puppy (in no particular order). should i add triathletes? see you at jinglecross with coffee in tow.

the mostly reverend said...

ah, doctor! thank you, and i am VERY excited to brew something with you this upcoming weekend.

the test run is nebraskie went well, although--read this, johnny--my riding REALLY sucks. i hope i get back to my old "really fast" in short order!!!!

and i hope that you two chucktown residents are having fun in bend. tell brother doctor that his nebraska buddies said hello.