Friday, November 23, 2007

dollars to doughnuts--the writer's guild strike

"today's sermonette" will appear following this brief word from our sponsor:
"gone jingling"...with this post, i head off--singlespeed ralph in tow--piloting the coffeebus to iowa city to take part in the festivities in the annual jinglecrossrock races.
come join us on the hill for a swell time.--the rev and the orphans
. . . . .
and now, today's feature story:
"Jay Leno rode his motorcycle to a picket line at NBC in Burbank to pass out doughnuts to the strikers there."
"Meanwhile, one powerful name is playing Santa Claus to his loyal colleagues. CBS "Late Show" host Daveid Letterman has quietly announced to his staff that he would pay them out of his own pocket over the holidays if the strike continues."
johnny knew, and nbc never understood.--the rev

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