Thursday, November 29, 2007

more about religion

questions about religion are everywhere these days. let's hear what the smartest man on earth has to say on this timely and hotly debated subject...

Q: Dear Dr. Science,
Is god just fattening us up to eat us later?
--from Jack Clarke of Kingston, TX

A: It always amazes me how much a person's questions say about himself. You couldn't have painted a better picture of yourself had you been Vermeer himself. I can see you on your father's knee as he reads Hansel and Gretel, while you squirm in discomfort. The old woman keeps offering the lost children candy and cake, but she has an ulterior motive. Kindly old woman in a house made of cookies, vengeful God in heaven - both have a lot in common for a neurotic wrestling with paranoid delusions. Emotional maturity is hard to come by, but the alternative is even more difficult. I'm surprised you even sleep at night. You do sleep, don't you?

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