Monday, November 05, 2007

loose stools and random thoughts

Tuesday Morning World Championship Coffee Time
Tuesday mornings ~7-ish at Zanzibars
--2723 ingersoll avenue--
Because we miss each other this time of year.
[found this in my in-box; best thing i've heard in days!--the rev]
today's topic:
road conditions and responsibility--who's to blame?
and finally,
i'm almost looking forward to getting the flu this winter!


Bart said...

Road hazards: Pretty simple, pay attention, keep your head up, look ahead or up the road to anticipate anything. Those in the front of the group/rotation/peleton point out the road hazards to those following.

What is being forgotten by the older or experienced riders is to teach road riding etiquette to the new, uninformed, or misinformed riders of the group. Basics such as; Riding a strait line. Holding a constant speed (no half wheeling). Pulling off the front of the group and not hooking the wheel behind you. How and where to ride in a paceline, etc.

the mostly reverend said...

by the way, the coffee get-together was great. we had maybe 8 or 9 folks who braved the chilly winds, including donny q and i who actually rode bikes to zanzibars/

we WILL be doing this on a regular basis, tuesday mornings at 7 or so. things broke up a little after 800.

thanks to all who came, and see ya next week.