Sunday, November 04, 2007

a couple MORE things to worry about

donny q has hinted that the new woman's team might be sporting jackets like these next year. a clever idea, but not new, as bart sported a jersey like this--using actual racing numbers--on turkey day a few ragbrais ago. as i recall, bart, you over-heated during the late-july day of riding in the humid sunshine . . . to the delight of all the other turkey day participants.
this is one of the more bizarre accounts i've read about abuse of cyclists.
keep your eyes open out there.


Anonymous said...

a few years ago on the ride out to Rag. Lane wore an insulated green Pioneer jacket (he stole from a bar) and a green zoro mask. It was 104 degrees, he was fine!


Anonymous said...

Take it from me, because Lane told me so himself, he is the most bad-assed RAGBRAI rider ever. EVER! You think you are at the back of the ride? HUH? Well you are NOT! LANE is at the back of the ride just a little further than you could ever be and he is drunker than you could EVER be and he is having a better time too! SO THERE.


ps: Lane told me all of the above, more or less (I was drunk, but not as drunk as him - see above) when we saw each other at a desolate SW Iowa bar a day or two before the RAG began. He also made mention (repeatedly) of his incredible sexual prowess but I know Kim doesn't want that sort of trashy talk going on here so I will not sully his weblog with it. Kim and I and a few others slept facedown in a cow-pie festooned field that night, we never saw Lane again. On that RAGBRAI, at least.

the mostly reverend said...


Bart said...

You are correct sir. I pinned all my racing numbers from that year on a jersey for Turkey Day, over 10 years ago I think. Anyway the whole jersey was covered with numbers hence it didn’t breathe at all. The day was filled with big head winds on the way to Sigourney and lots of sagging.

Anonymous said...

excuses, excuses, wah, wah.
Kim are you implying that this was orginally BART's idea??????????


the mostly reverend said...

pk, what do you mean, "excuses, wah?"

i don't believe anyone thus far has been offering excuses or whining. and if bart had to suffer on a hot, windy day, it wasn't the first time, and won't be the last time that that happens.

originality? i just said it wasn't a new idea. what is?