Monday, November 12, 2007

in the interest of free-flowing discussion

got a question? ask uncle donny here.
lots of folks have asked,
"hey, grandpa, doesn't donny love me any more?"
well sure he does; he's just awfully busy lately, much too busy to answer each and every letter he gets. but just as santa has "helpers" to read all the letters the big jolly one gets, the kids at the orphanage will answer your letters to donny.
do you want to tell donny "punk on!"?
wanna tell bart he's an old fart?
wanna leave a snappy response to donny's latest post?
leave it here, in the comments section.
we'll see that donny reads it,
and we'll get an answer right away!
here's an interesting question from one of donnie's readers:
donny, can you play some REAL punk music from, say, the pixies and fugazi?
well, sure!
here are the pixies performing "where is my mind?" in 1988.
november 14 update--punk rock where to go in "dead" moines?
a google search of punk rock des moines works great!
did you know that thank you donny is a punk rock band from des moines.
neither did i!

and here are the fugazis performing "bulldog front" also in 1988.


Anonymous said...

There is common conversations amongst cyclist that addresses the question of why more women don't race bikes. It puzzles us all, no one can figure this out. Why aren't more women involved in such a beautiful healthy sport?

Then it becomes clear all of a sudden. It becomes clear when a thought to be respectful person, a respected member of the the cycling community implies that a group of women, women who this person has never met, women who are just being introduced to cycling, women who are brand new to the sport, who thought they found a fun healthy clean activity. I cant even type what this person implied of these women, these women this person has never met, women who he knows nothing about.

I am saddened to be associated with the ignorance that has happened, associated by being part of this cycling community, I am however no longer surprised why there are no women involved in the beautiful sport that we all love so much.

Way to keep it a little boys club

Now I assume these comments where based on previous experiences with a certain individual, someone who one for whatever unrealated reasond might have issues with. This however gives one no right to insult women you they have never met in such a tactless way.

Nathan Bartels

Lou Waugaman said...

I echo Nathan's sentiments. Actually, I asked Bart about his comments, and I think it should be said that he apologized - in no uncertain terms, to the ladies publicly on BikeIowa. He also sent me a note off line saying that he really felt dumb. I think he was just trying to be tongue in cheek and didn't stop and think that he was talking about real people.

I hope the girls accept his apology and let him buy them a beer next weekend in Iowa City.

Now to what I really wanted to say:

Kim, this has got to be one of your more interesting moves. So the deal is, DQ's site no-longer accepts comments right? So you are accepting comments about Donny's blog here?

Now that's funny, I don't who you are, that's funny.


Anonymous said...

donny, can you play some REAL punk music from, say, the pixies and fugazi?

Anonymous said...

Donny, If I was to say go out for a drink in Des Moines where would I go to be around other Punkrockers? I picked up a new Sex Pistols T at the mall and would like to wear it out this weekend ( provided I can find a new pair of pants to go with my new shirt by the weekend)so if you could get back to me soon that would be great.
Thanks in advance
Looking to be punk in DM.