Monday, November 12, 2007

how to recruit team members

Following the withdrawal of the Discovery Channel team from cycling, Chechu Rubiera is still not on the 2008 roster of a ProTour team, a fact his fans, represented by, hopes to change.
"Chechu once told us that he had the best fans in the world," a spokesperson for the site said on Sunday in an open letter to the cycling community. "The team which hires Chechu Rubiera in 2008 will gain not only a dedicated professional and gifted athlete, but an extraordinary group of fans around the world. From Australia, South America, Africa, Germany, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Hungary. And in the US, from California, Texas, Missouri, Massachusetts, Washington, Arizona and Kansas. Not forgetting his aficionados, Spaniards who have supported him since his first win twenty years ago."--from
well, always one to make lemonade from free lemons, i posted the following:
the mostly reverend (20:56:49) :
chechu–if you DON’T score a team, racing team has a spot available for you. we are in central iowa, very near the hometown of former teammate jason mccartney.
we’d LOVE to race in support of you.
best wishes,the mostly reverend grandpa kim
we'll keep readers of today's sermonette posted of any signings.
wish us luck!!


Scott said...

I see that Chechu opted for better dope.

the mostly reverend said...

but not necessarily a better team.