Friday, November 30, 2007

friday afternoon--we listen, here at the orphanage

it's time again for "dear donny..."
leave your questions for donny in the comments section, as you already know, and we'll publish answers as soon as we get them!
here's ANOTHER way to get better the fast and easy way!
unfortunately, there is NOT a "buy it now" option, and
you only have until december 4 to act.
good luck, guys!!


Anonymous said...

dear donny--
what does the pope REALLY think of atheism?

donny said...

well, don't quote ME, go--as i always do--straight to the source: read here to learn what the pope REALLY thinks of atheism, and this should stop all this silly talk about extremists and terrorism and what-not.

the pope still DOES speak for god, doesn't he? or am i thinking of richard roberts?

thanks for your question!

Pete Basso said...

Dear Donny: Why does Kim have to seek attention in every direction possible? Is it in order to validate his already well documented psycological sickness. Just curious...

All The Kings Men

Bart said...

Where's Sinead O'Conner when we need her? Rrrrrriiipp!

Bart said...

Perhaps we could find the Pope in the pizza or buy some "Pope" soap on a rope. Maybe that was the "Pope is a dope," soap on a rope? Father Sarducci could shed some light on this.

the mostly reverend said...

i've got a call in to father guido.
i'll share it with you all as soon as i get it. he's pretty busy lately you know, what with the pope's "war on atheists" and all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kim, what gives with you seeking attention on your own damned blog?


ps: please stop posting that you have posted on your blog on

Thank you.

the mostly reverend said...

but posting on is one of the things i believe in!

i suppose i could talk about my workouts, but who gives a crap about that?