Thursday, November 08, 2007

winter is here...what to do?

well, i don't know about you,
but i'm not going to just sit around waiting for the writer's strike to end.
not this guy!
i got up bright and early this morning and joined my new friends at
hell, these places are open every day.
they're heated, and they play wonderful holiday music.
so, it's 830 am, and i've already walked three hours,
consumed five double lattes, three large cinnabuns,
and have a bowling date for friday afternoon.
shit, i'll see ya the mall tomorrow morning, 500 am.
which mall? who gives a shit.
they're all the same now, aren't they?
so how do you intend to spend the winter?
share your fun ideas in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

Serious question Kim, why are you such a fan of the latte? As I have grown to the love the black blood of the earth more and more I find the latte to be a dairy bomb. Realizing you get yours with 4 times more espresso than I would I realize you are taking up some of the moo room but do you drink cappuccinos and macchiatos and the like?

Itchin' Curious in Iowa City

Buckshot77 said...

I try to go ice fishing in the winter. Nothing says winter fun like freezing your ass to a bucket whilst pulling fish through an 8" hole in the ground.

Anonymous said...

WEll there's your problem, Buckshot. You're not supposed to be fishing thru a hole in the're s'posed to be fishing thru a hole in the ICE!!!

Funny you should post this because I read Kim's post and was all excited to tell everyone about my ice fishing addiction, but I guess I'll hold off on that now.

Seriously though, if that's your perception of icefishing, you really need to go with me some time and get with the times. NO ONE uses a bucket anymore. ;)

Other than getting out on some of the ski trails, that's usually how I spend my winters...

-Rod Woten
StrikeMaster Pro Staff
Vexialr Pro Staff

Anonymous said...

I like to escape the Iowa winters by taking vacations to Edmonton, Alberta. There I get to really appreciate hanging out in the malls, even the biggest one in the world. (I'm sure it's bigger than the Minneopolis one)


Buckshot77 said...


Actually, I fish mostly farm ponds and really prefer the bucket to a shack and I'm usually so busy catching them it would be a pain to be confined in a shack.

PS Kim- when are you going to update the G-spot to have dates in November?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% on the whole shack thing, Buckshot. Look for my article in the January issue of The Iowa Sportsman for this and many other pointers for increasing on-ice mobility...


Mistress Julie said...

I hope to be warming my bones by having a ton of sex. What better way to burn calories and ward off Old Man Winter?

You asked.

Anonymous said...

Please keep us updated, Mistress....


the mostly reverend said...

um, mistress, i have one i'd love to toss on your fire.

sheepishly i remain,
maaaaa, maaaaaa.

g-spot? this weekend. sorry.

the mostly reverend said...

coffee news: i prefer dark roast coffee, double americanos, doppios, double cappucinos, and only the occasional latte. i'm not such a fan of milk. not that i'm lactose intolerant, but i'm just not a great big buddy.
but made correctly and well, they are devine!

but walking in the mall, cinnabuns, well, ain't nothing like a crappy, sweet vanilla latte, eh, mr. bailey?

Bart said...

Mall, the thought makes me itch, much more talk of it and I'll break out in hives............

Anonymous said...

Dopey-Os! Not you too, Kim! You been out riding in Mexico with Dewey in a black skinsuit?

Seriously, doesn't Dopey-Os sounds like a breakfast cereal marketed to todays (or yesterday's) pro cyclists? Packed with HGH and best served in a heaping bowl of the athelete's own EPO enhanced blood!


gpickle wonders how the doppio is pronounced and hopes it is Dopey-O but knows it don't matter as he lives in Iowa where Nevada is Nevada and Madrid is Madrid.

S.Fuller said...

Snow rides with friends, cooking great meals on the weekends, playing pool and reading good books. Oh yeah, and coffee.

the mostly reverend said...

why, yes, it IS dopey ohs!

mark hoback said...

I'm going to Toledo!!!!

the mostly reverend said...

well, mark, that will require a visit to southwyck mall, a fine example of a dead mall museum which, eerily still featuring a functioning fountain.