Sunday, November 11, 2007

from chad vande lune

I've been wanting to send out an e-mail to the team to somehow express how thankful I am for all the support you all have given my family the last few months. I'll start first with the meals. The meals have been great. Thank you to everyone who has given food. It helps a lot to know that people are still thinking about us. Also, cyclists are the best cooks. Next I'd like to say thanks to everyone who gave money. We never thought anything like this would happen to Price so we didn't have any life insurance for him. What we also didn't know was that the cycling community was his life insurance policy. The money you all gave paid for the funeral expenses, headstone, and hospital bills. You all carried part of the load for us during a very difficult time in our lives. Kim, I want to personally thank you for your leadership with this. Last and most important thanks for your friendships. Price has taught me that family and friendship are truly all that matter. Price's short life has taught me many things that I will not forget.
Sincerely, Chad

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Pete Basso said...

It was great to read this "thank you" from Chad and Dorothy again. It reminds me to be thankful for OUR friendships that we maintain throughout the years and not to be worried about the stupid little things like who has a woman's racing team or not. We should all continue to remember Price and the lesson he taught us all...don't take anything or any days for granted, they are all precious to each of us. I can't help but remember visiting Chad and Dororthy's house and seeing how our huge cycling community had morphed into a cycling family. No one cared about politics, religions or teams...we were all one FAMILY. Families will squabble from time to time but they always remember what's important, each other. Kim, thanks for posting this letter from Chad. It has helped me to gain perspective after a few perplexing days of pettiness. It's time to move forward.

I hope that everyone can gain the same perspective from our little guardian angel, (Price), and put the pettiness behind us.