Tuesday, November 20, 2007


today, during a mid-morning press conference in des moines, in which delaware senator joe biden, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, and the thinking person's choice for the democratic nomination for president, unveiled his national energy policy, something rare and exciting took place, in front of a packed meeting hall, and national media.
a legitimate candidate for the presidency used the words "bicycle" and "energy policy" in the same sentence, and in a very positive light. yes, the bicycle is actually viewed by at least one candidate for president as actual "transportation," and not just a means of recreation. biden spoke of his confrontations in the past with representatives of the transportation industry [read "truckers"] and construction industry [read "highway lobby"] in which he reminded them that their money flows from the transportation department, and that the portion of those highway funds allocated to construction of trails, bike lanes, light- and high-speed rail systems are ALSO integral parts of the national transportation system.
i like and respect this man, who, by the way, commutes by rail four hours a day from his home to washington. he points out that he is one of the few members of congress who has never lived in d.c., and is a huge fan of rail transportation. i want to ride a tandem with him some day. keep reading for updates.
oh, it's his birthday today, too. 62, a year older than duane allman.


Bart said...

I listened to Joe Biden Monday evening in a small venue with about 100 other folks. Mr. Biden was engaging, succinct, very knowledgeable, as well as a smart individual. I did not detect anything insincere in any topics he talked or answered questions about. No hedging of opinions, ideals, or directions in which he would like to take the country.

The best point candidate Biden made was getting ALL the folks in the Middle East talking regardless. In other words he just flat out said if the Middle East goes deeper into the abyss the rest of the world is screwed economically. There was no mention of morality, no mention of religion, and certainly no bullshit.

Frankly I’ll vote for whoever is nominated by the Democrats, besides it’s my party. I see Clinton as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, this is nothing to do with her being a woman either, aside from that I’m so tired of the status quo of another dynasty as well as the same old same in the White House. Obama could be a hell of a president someday, but he’s not ready yet. On the republican side I see even more of the same old DANGEROUS same, I can’t even think about it without shaking in fear. So Joe’s my man and I hope I don’t have to resort to prayer.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken those photos look to be taken at urban dreams (my hood). I haven't seen a lot of candidates for pres. in my area. Did he get lost on his way to the east village?

the mostly reverend said...

good eyesight, chad. those photos WERE taken at joe's visit to creative visions a couple weeks ago, when he delivered one hell of a talk about his domestic violence act which he is attempting to get through congress. he spoke passionately, with facts and anecdotes, for an hour. it was one of the most refreshing talks i've ever heard a politician give, especially in light of the past 7 years of the monosyllabic presidency. i didn't have access to photos from today's meeting, and had to retrieve these from the bien website.
if i should ever give up my work at the orphanage, it would be to go work for president biden, which i would do in a heartbeat.
the guy's on to something. you all owe it to yourself to give this guy a serious listen BEFORE caucus night.
he's not a soundbite candidate, and he clearly deserves the praise he's received since the las vegas debate on cnn last week.

Anonymous said...

Let me know when he is going to be in town. I'll check him out. Whats his take on the war? That's a major issue for us since we have family in the military. Thats why I'm leaning the Obama way.

the mostly reverend said...

i will, chad.
biden is an extremely personable, engaging, and INTELLIGENT statesman.
he makes being a "politician" look like a GOOD thing.
plus, he has a nice, dry sense of humor, AND he's not a shoot-'em-up cowboy, thank god.