Wednesday, November 21, 2007

something else for which to give thanks

please take a few minutes to watch and listen to this speech.
then you'll be thankful, too.

from the cure at troy
history says, don't hope
on this side of the grave.
but then, once in a lifetime,
the longed-for tidal wave
of justice can rise up,
and hope and history rhyme.
~seamus heaney~

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the mostly reverend said...

well, i just listened to this speech for a third time, and now i'm listening to it again for a fourth. how long has it been since we've have a president who can talk for 20 minutes--extemporaneously--on so many topics with such depth, passion and knowledge? i have been watching and listening to the various candidates parade through iowa for the past several months, sound biting this and that, and never saying a god-damned thing, and this one speech covers ending the iraq war, health insurance, the pharmaceutical companies, energy policy and taking on the auto companies and other large corporations...
really, just give this a listen.
you owe it to yourself to be informed.
listen to him talk about his son--the attorney general of delaware, who is in the national guard, and whose unit has been activated with orders to ship to iraq in 2008.
man, it's just refreshing to hear someone on the national scene talk about things and NOT tell bald-faced lies.