Friday, October 27, 2006

another view
look closely . . . i think you'll be able to
enlarge this, if you want to.
you might have to save it to your own computer
to do it, but if you are at all interested in
what a collapsed lung is all about, do it.
. . . . .
so, look at the area right at the first rib
you encounter moving up from my liver...
[looking inside my chest cavity]
follow that rib as it curves up and to the right...
you'll see what appears to be a hair across
the image... that's the upper edge of my lung!
christ! what's it doing down THERE???
i figured there would be a big old black blotch.
this view was taken before they inserted that
crazy tube. the tube acted as a siphon tube,
keep the bottom of the tube, which was
attached to a little plastic box with a handle-
-a sick little briefcase filling with BLOODY goo.
every now and then, they'd attach the box to
the suction thing on the wall but generally,
i was free to roam. it still amazes me, first,
that it got that far down there, and second,
that is came back so quickly.
i need to look at this from time to time, like today,
when i get so damned impatient when i'm
out riding, and feel myself a little short of breath.
[refer to my prior post about things
. . . . .
update about me, for those who are keeping
track: since getting the all-clear the 18th,
i've been riding outside. i had hoped to ride
every day this week, but, mindful of the
fragile nature of my right lung, i decided to stay
inside earlier this week when it was rainy, and
earlier when it was really cold. i was advised
to avoid pneumonia, and what the hell, ok, i will.
so i've been gradually building up saddle
time, from one hour to two hours, to today,
when i got in about 45 minutes cruiser time
around noon, followed by about two and a half
hours this afternoon. the legs are fine.
but i am still experiencing a hell of a lot of pain
with that new, full-suspension collarbone.
and my little bib shorts aren't helping matters any.
but, oh well. i'm riding. and sometimes, i'm riding
with my sling. if it allows me to ride longer and
with less pain, then i'm all for it.
i look forward to actually riding with other people.
[sounds like a bad folk trio]
in waterworks park today, and i'm planning
to ride with belling tomorrow. keith can
certainly appreciate riding with rearranged
bones as well as anyone, so it should be tolerable.
. . . . .
oh, while riding through waterworks, i tried
some gravel sections... and i'm not ready for
gravel nights! climbing the hills south of
grand was fun. no pulling on the bars.
i look forward to getting better.

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