Monday, October 09, 2006

what happened?
dude, i don't know where this last week went...
and as the days--and even hours--pass,
little by little, more is revealed.
things i did, things i said, most of which
i can't recall...
eerily similar to three years ago
when i suffered a concussion...
and didn't realize it for a few days, weeks, whenever...
life is interesting, the way things happen.
and you learn so much about yourself,
your body, the way things work--
or don't work--
and how easily the equilibrium is upset, and how easy
or difficult
it can be to restore and re-establish this balance.
i'll write more about the actual experience of having things stuck into me
where things ain't supposed to go,
and of watching stuff come out of you
that's supposed to stay inside you.
and i'll write about spending time with people who are
much closer to death than i care to be at this point.
it's been an autumn to remember.
so remember this:
do the things you love, and
love the things you do.
one category, which includes people, things, pets, whatever.
ride your bike; love it.
spend time with friends and family; love them.
let your dogs nuzzle you and ask to be let out at 300 am; lovethem.
[it's a good time to take another pain pill]
and if you can roll over at night and not cry out with pain,
be thankful.


Anonymous said...

Follow the directions on the bottle. One pill every four hours. If you take to many you may OD or start babbling on a blog.

the mostly reverend said...

hey--i've got over 200 reasons NOT to OD!!