Monday, October 30, 2006

the entries are rolling in!
seems everyone wants a chance
to win SOMEthing, especially after
getting shut out at the cross race sunday.
this is just a reminder of this winter's
the weather WILL turn cold
[the temperature is dropping as i type]
so don't get shut out in the cold!
there really is no entry procedure, but
feel free to post your intentions as a comment
to one of these posts, and then


Anonymous said...

Man I've been so caught up in petes blog that I've fallin behind on yours. All I have to say is BRING IT! I think we need a race we can give out the awards after. Maybe kent park? Altoona? Ia city?

Anonymous said...

That last post was me.
chia chad

the mostly reverend said...

works for me, mr. [grizzly] adams. the location might depend on the geography of participants. if it's a central iowa thing, we can do it at altoona; if the eastern iowa contingent gets big enough, we might want to wait until old crapitol. some folks might need the extra time!