Thursday, October 26, 2006

things we take for granted, vol. 1
. . .
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my half-sister is under-going
a double mascectomy today, and
our tepid relationship notwithstanding, i am really
quite concerned for her and her family.
she is a very loving person, and has done a lot and
meant a lot for my daughter, and now for my granddaughter.
it is quite common for me to hear, if not daily, then several times a week,
people say, often ruefully, that there is more to life than
work, work, work,
and how they really miss this loved one or that,
or that they wish they had spent more time with,
or said one last time that,
or had taken the time to whatever with whomever.
whether the cause of these sentiments is the discovery
that some friend or loved one has cancer,
or that someone has lost their job,
or that a friend was killed in a tragic accident
makes no difference; the fact remains that many people too often
get wrapped in their own day-to-day and forget
the very things that make one's worthwhile.
. . .
the good news is that there are many ways to
replenish one's karmic bank account, and in so doing
make yourself a little more likely to take a
personal accounting of the many things you have
for which you are--or should be--grateful.
and here is but one, and i tip my hat not only to
those who are putting it one, but also to those
who intend to take part.
. . . . .
i think that putting energy and effort into the food bank
might be one of the purest acts of generosity and kindness
a person can undertake, and is one of the
loudest statements a member of society can make.
always vote,
always be thankful of who and what you have,
always be mindful of the above,
and at least every now and then [it's a start!]
help out those who aren't as fortunate as you.
and donny, dan, greg, and the rest of y'all,
thanks for doing this.
i hope it becomes a regular event on the

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Anonymous said...

Well said Kim.