Friday, October 13, 2006

more observations from worlds...
and not necessarily in this order!
as i've indicated earlier, i'm pretty lame
when it comes to making computers
actually DO what i want them to do...
so imagine this photo below...
AFTER these two photos...
the first one, below, where young marianne vos is looking back,
with LESS than 50 meters to go to a rainbow jersey.
the 19-year-old--
WITHOUT a team--

has been attacking, almost taunting the peloton,

it would seem,

but she's just not believing that no one's with her...

unbelievable, is my impression!!

this is what the commentator said:

13:18 CEST Yesterday's races showed that this course

favors keen sprinters who aren't afraid to be aggressive.

Women's winner Marianne Vos attacked several times coming into the finale,

but still managed to win the sprint by several bike lengths.

Oddly enough, Vos doesn't even have a trade team - she rides for a club.

Surely she's gotten a few offers overnight!

[donny? can we find something to offer her?]

hard work, once again, the key to success on a bike.


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