Saturday, October 21, 2006

bikes...really cool bikes
as pig, and other race winners who
regularly read
today's sermonette
already know, ultimately, the orphanage
[and the mostly reverend himself along with
all the various orphans over the years]
is all about really cool bikes, and the many
and limitless joys which do flow from having
and more importantly just
riding really cool bikes.
and as readers of today's sermonette may have gathered, the mostly reverend spent a little more time than usual recently abed.
. . . . .
i took advantage of this little break from the hustle and bustle of being CEO of the orphanage to spend time doing what i love second only to riding bikes: READING!
one of my favorite books of all time is shown above, and can be ordered from my best new bookseller, the schwinn stingray bible. i have a few of these killer bikes, and not the fancy "exotics" that command the big bucks on eBay. the speed demons i have hanging in the bike locker at the orphanage are the ones you tear ass up and down the neighborhoods, pissing off folks as you cut through backyards and flower gardens, their w--i--d--e, pre-consumer product safety commission ape hangers forcing you to finesse between garages at times.
\\ //
\\ //
it was with great delight that i came upon this video on you tube yesterday, which reminded me of an accessory which led to the destruction of countless pairs of roller skates in my neighborhood.
squirrel, i see you in here; hell, teri's in this video, too.
[and if i knew how, you'd see the little screen right here.
but i'm learning! NEXT time!!]
. . .
i know, some purists may claim they're like training wheels, but in numbers, they were a thing of beauty.
and don't get me started on sissy bars--yet!

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Former WHAM-O CEO said...

Awesome video! Kids not only riding bikes with out helmets but doing dangerous stunts too. By the way how did the USA get to 300 million people when nobody wore a helmet until the safe 90's?