Tuesday, October 10, 2006

a day's assessment . . .
* * * * *

hey, susan--
troubling day, today was.
periods of lucidity are coming more frequently, and lasting longer.
ribs hurting less pointedly, and more generally,
which i view as a good thing.
mowed the lawn, using good arm for pushing and pulling,
and the gimpy arm for directing the cord on my electric mower.
result: arm tired, but better for having been worked a bit.
doc said i should do this.
right shoulder and neck are stiff,
and it feels like i've got this wierd thing poking in and out of my delt.
probably just my clavicle!
using the sling less, trying to strenghten the muscles.
didn't sleep with it last night, but will tonight.
showering is a challenge, and a slow-motion procedure.
not terribly painful, as that is the goal.
will try to shave my legs tomorrow.
i am making lists of things to do,
but forgetting to refer to them often enough.
where's the humor in THAT irony?
feel free to give me feedback.
hope things are going well...


Dave said...

Who is that in the picture and where was it taken?

the mostly reverend said...

why, that's none other than "crash cossett," formerly of ames, now somewhere in montana, handling bankruptcies for dental floss tycoons gone south.

jim, who used to race for michael's back in the day--and was known as "cause it"--had this knack for ALWAYS being somewhere in the close vicinity of most crashes. he'd shrug, and say "it's all a part of racing."

back in '92, when i fell over babylon and broke my collarbone in ames, we were about three blocks jim's house. he was first on the scene, but, as a fellow attorney, i declined his offer for a ride to the emergency room in his car. figured in the long run it would be cheaper to ride in the ambulance than to bloody up a lawyer's car.

thanks for asking. he looks like he's trolling for little boys or girls in the park, doesn't he?

Franz said...

I remember shortly before I moved to Ames I was talking with Scott Dickson on Ragbrai. He pointe out Cossit and told me his name was "jimmy crash cossit" and "the human crayon". Anyway he said if he saw Cossit on a ride meeting at Brookside he just kept on going and skipped the ride because it would be to dangerous. The first ride I went on at Brookside I saw Cossit and remembered Scott's warning. However. I ignored Scott's advice and went on the ride and even rode behind Cossit. Near the high school Cossit stood up on his pedals and shifted onto his smallest cog which had not been tightened down. The cog spun and Cossit went over his handle bars. I could not believe the first ride I went on with Cossit he actually crashed.

the mostly reverend said...

i remember that ride--it WAS funnier than hell. he had/has the ability--not unlike david blaine--to make an accident appear as if out of thin air.
no shit, franz, i remember that crash--and he was TOTALLY BLAMELESS. "it's all a part of racing," yet i NEVER saw him race!!
jim, i hope you're reading this: we'd love to hear your side!!
and franz--what did you learn from that experience?