Tuesday, October 10, 2006

$ $ $ $ $
a few blogs ago, i announced the first-ever
"orphanage and you cool prize give-away contest."
. . . . .
all contestants had to do was look at a photo, and submit a caption.
we had several entries, ALL of them winners in my opinion,
but i HAD to select just one.
and i was tough!
even i lost!! brutal!!!
. . . . .
but i was fair, and in my comments to the contestants, i said this:
"we, at the orphanage, were delighted with the number of entries,
and the speed with which the first entries were made. flash!"
. . . . .
"the entries all were humorous,
but donny's made me actually chuckle out loud.
john adamson's crack about the aging,
while funny, hit a little too close to home.
and it was decided that my entry, outlining the old bull's injuries,
and his pathetic pleas to his attending physician to let him
get back into his surely suicidal pursuits in the bull ring,
just didn't have wide enough appeal to be universally truly funny."
* * *
so donny q will be awarded the first of what is certain to be
a series of swell prizes:
this time, a genuine reproduction photograph of
one of the reverend's favorite r. crumb characters:
. . .
angelfood mcspade.
. . . . .

photograde, on premium glossy paper,
framed and ready-to-hang!!
congratulations, donny q, and thanks to
all who entered.
* * *
keep reading for more opportunities to win
really swell things from the orphanage.

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