Sunday, October 22, 2006

radiology 101
i thought i'd post three or four of the
sixteen views that i have, taken over the course
of the six days i was in methodist hospital,
a couple weeks ago.
then, while closely re-examining these to select the ones
to post, i got a little sick to my stomach.
i can't go through all sixteen in one sitting.
so i'll just start with this one,
which shows kind of a quarter-view of
my right shoulder.
this rather dramatically shows not only
the sizeable gap between sections at
the distal end, but it also gives a nice idea
of how fucked-up my right clavicle was following
the injury i suffered in 1992 at the hands of
the city of ames.
i'll post another view which will show my pristine
left clavicle.
[see if you can spot the broken ribs.]
. . . . .

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Nic said...

You need to drink more milk, Granpa!