Wednesday, October 25, 2006

michael j. fox & rush limbaugh

why i don't listen to rush limbaugh
sorry about the video; i understand the actual footage was shown
on nbc news last night, but i haven't found them--yet.
limbaugh's comments--and the attitude they evidence--
just disgust me.
and he's RICH from this?
the things that people listen to--and BELIEVE--just amaze me.
REALLY, people, do you believe this guy?
sorry about getting all political an stuff, but i read about these
comments, and this just crossed the lines of decency,


Jed said...

I'm with you, Kim, however I have to believe that a small (but unfortunately vocal) minority stands behind Rush. When I hear ego-maniacs like Rush, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter, etc., I assume their actions are driven by the need for ratings, attention and a wish to maintain the Us vs. Them environment that they thrive in. Rush's comments are absurd & cruel, but I figure that if I give him a reaction, I'm validating his comments and giving him what he wants. If anyone stands behind him, especially on the MJ Fox issue, he can have 'em. We'll stay over here above the fray with the intelligent, conscious folks. If you want to feel better about the state of things, go buy Barack Obama's new book - you'll love it, and it'll calm you down after listening to Rush's little thingy.

the mostly reverend said...

--If you want to feel better about the state of things, go buy Barack Obama's new book - you'll love it, and it'll calm you down after listening to Rush's little thingy.

i saw it at the bookstore just moments ago, and nearly bought it. i'll go back this weekend and snag it. thanks for your calming words. oxycotyn makes you even loopier, so my clients have told me. i have to remember he's just a fat old republican dope fiend.

Pete Basso said...

Jed and Kim, while I totally love and respect you dudes all the time, I have to agree but disagree with you on this one. First of all, the Michael J. Fox thing, I disagree with Rush on this one. Fox is trying to fight for his life and for others, just because it doesn't go along with my political party of choice, I won't knock him. I think his fight is noble. As for Jed's comments regarding the "ego maniacs", come on dude are you for real. Both parties engage in this political arena of ego marketing. You can't tell me that Michael Moore, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and many more are just as guilty. An yes, more than a minority listen to these people talking on the radio. They have valid points to make and honest missions to fulfill. Does that mean they are always right, not a chance but they are successful, therefore I give them credit. For every crack you make on the Repub's the Dem's are just as guilty. I do swing to the "other side" politically and see life choices differently but that's my decision.

jed said...

I knew we'd hear from you on this one, Pete - welcome!

I'll agree with you that there are ego maniacs on both sides - those that base the importance of their fight not on governing, but on controlling public sentiment, controlling legislature and keeping the masses opposed to each other. Lost in the foray are the people who need government most. Too many elected officials on both sides concern themselves not with what they were elected to do, but with their own & special interests. To contrast this, Governor Ah-nold in CA is doing a pretty decent job, not because he's a telented polician, but because he funded his campaign and owes nobody. His allegiance is to the people of CA, and as a result, he's not afraid to buck his party trends when he thinks it's in the best interests of the people. And though I obviously idealogically lean to the left, John McCain would have a hard time losing my vote for anything. My point is, I believe what I believe, and I doubt I'll ever find a candidate that defines me, so I'll vote in support of candidates who are honest, & want to make things happen for the betterment of their constituency. Trouble is, I find that to be a rare quality in a politician.

Now the infotainment that Rush and his buddies produce(& yes, Michael Moore on the other side), is nothing more than half-truths that are used to validate the thoughts and feelings of people that already agree with him. Occasionally in an attempt to keep things fresh, they step over the line. But what they say means little to me - I don't have time for them. They are not motivated by bringing people together or inspiring them. You're one of the most positive people I've met (you too, Kim), and these folks are the anti-Pete in terms of attitude.

Kim - thanks for letting us hi-jack your blog!

Pete Basso said...

Jed - well said. I find that we no longer elect politicians who are the voice of the people. If we did then you find guys like Lieberman, McCain and Arnold at the top of their parties. Lieberman was black balled for bucking the party trend. It would be nice to a have someone in there who is not concern about legacy or offending a voting party, (ie - Clinton letting Osama go 10 times because he didn't want to ruin the Muslim Vote), or George Bush cautious he doesn't lose the Christian vote. I could go on and on. The bottom line is what you already said, we need to be uniters not dividers. Idiots like Jesse Jackass is nothing but a race bating divider, why do we continue to support guys like this. It's time the political parties come together and fight for America and the people as one voice, instead their main agenda seems to be their own personal paychecks, individual party power, unfair health care benefits just because they have been elected. I think the media is where it needs to start. They print slanted information and call it news but fail to show both sides and insert personal commentary. If a heavy concentration was placed on reporting the news as it happens with strict guidelines in place I think you'd see Americans slowly change their views, however until this happens then there will always be division in this country. Regardless, maintaining Christianity in my heart helps me place little emphasis on this arena because I know there is a bigger cause in the world that will only spread goodness and love regardless of political party. That is why guys like you and Kim some of my favorite people...the purity of your hearts, (regardless of religious affilitation), is evident and contagious. Look at the group of cyclists in our town, there are tremendous differences in our political and religious affiliations, however, I see a very strong commaderie and respect for one another. That is what I want to be a part of. It's much easier to love then to hate. Besides I'm not smart enough to keep tabs on who I hate and don't, it's a lot easier to just love everyone. Ok , I've got to get back to work now. Thanks for the voice fellas.

jed said...

See, even though I was Hindu in my former life, we can still see eye to eye! Like I say, the world is a better place when everyone's on a bike. And nothing works to unite people better than ripping some singletrack together! Kim says it again and again, "go ride your bike!" We'll all be happier for it...and hell, we may even solve world hunger. See you at the Cranksgiving Alleycat!

the mostly reverend said...

jed, pete--hijack it all you want. that's why it's here! funny you both mention mccain--i have an upcoming post on little johnny's revisionist history. you'll enjoy THAT one immensely!

but i hope LOTS of folks read these comments. thanks for airing your only encourages my posting, you know.