Friday, October 13, 2006

let's all ride like a world champion!!
[i'm sitting at home, not riding, risking neither life nor lung,
cleaning out my email in box,
and i find this note to myself from last month.
it is an idea for today's sermonette,
so here it is...]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

. . . . .
[from live coverage of the men's time trial]
16:17 CEST A superior ride by the Swiss rider.
Gutierrez is done, well behind the top three,
and now Rogers has already gone over Cancellara's time,
so Cancellara is now the new world champion!
The Belgian commentators tell us that
Cancellara sets a good example for all the young riders
by stopping at all red lights during training.
Nothing stopped him today, however,
and he's looking pretty happy at the moment.
+ + + + +
see? it's all in creating the proper karma--
you'll get yours in the end...
just ask fabian!!
the most polite world champion in the world!!

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