Monday, October 02, 2006

new music alert!!
the deadstring brothers
check out this band, at
they have a new album, just released, on bloodshot records,
"starving winter report"
you can order it from their website for only $12.
the band is keith richards meets gram parsons.
very good stuff. they call themselves "insurgent country"
but i call it great fucking music.
* * *
* * *
reminiscent of "honky tonk women" days . . .
they are from detroit, but spend a lot of time
playing in europe, and the u.k.
they will be doing some shows back in the u.s. soon.
VERY good.
* * *
and who's this guy?

just some pathetic blogger who is trying to get this photo in to his profile
but can't think of any other way without posting it HERE first.
THAT'S how lame he is.
[you think he LIKES the look of his blog? christ, he just can't figure out
how to change the appearance, that's all!]
and isn't there always a big but somewhere?--
this cyclist is not NEARLY so happy today as he was the day
momma terri took this photo.
and he is really glad that he has a rule that states, in part,
"and always wear a real helmet when doing
SERIOUS off-road racing..."
nowhere in his book of rules is there
any reference to doing the same ON road.
sheesh...some people!
* * *
deadstring brothers

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