Sunday, October 29, 2006

or so i've been told by squirrel,
and some guy named frank in havertown, pa,
and by my own observations of chad, dave, lou,
no doubt many more that i'll see
. . .
now, as i see it, NObody can touch chad
in these parts, so i'm going for style points.

a little season touch [above]
with a good measure of patience [below]
* * *

should put me in the running, anyway...

AND score some always-needed tough guy points.

keep us all apprised of your intentions to enter.

i'll have a really cool prize in, what, march?


gpickle said...

GPICKLE is with you, Kim! No doubt I will follow my normal progression of full beard to Amish style to "chops" total facial hair time not to exceed 4 months. Fun!

the mostly reverend said...

sweet! knew i could count on an iowa city contingent! speaking of amish, the reverend was in full regalia at the CX race in newton today. hopefully there will be a photo surfacing soon of my attire!

happy facial growth, col. pickle.

Pete Basso said...

Kim, started my growth this weekend. Should be in full Chia-pet mode in two weeks.

the mostly reverend said...

this is good. i'll be making up categories as time passes.

other hirsute cyclist wannabes?

scott robinson said...

I'm in, as I'm always looking for an excuse NOT to shave; damn, I hate shaving.

Last time I had a full beard, my face was considerably rounder. Hope I don't end up looking like this.

the mostly reverend said...

don't worry scott--at least you'll never look like THIS!