Friday, October 13, 2006

self medication....

i've been trying to wean myself
from the medication the doctors
had been giving me.

i was fairly certain that the pain
would not be so great
that a tough guy like me
couldn't suffer through without help.


after doing a short velodyne workout yesterday,
and driving on a cold, windy day in a 50-year-old
volkswagen, my body said "fuck you, dude. you want
tough guy points, here ya go."
well, after spending the afternoon with a patient 2-year-old
granddaughter tapping me on the knee, saying,
"poppa, wake up. WAKE UP, poppa!"
i was ready for a cocoa and warm blanket.
instead, i got a nicely over-stuffed chair, ottoman, and comforter.
i awoke this morning, stumbled into my daughter's kitchen and
fired up the coffee maker, and took an assessment.
my ribs still hurt like hell, my shoulder was still drooping,
although it was cooperating a little more each day.
everyone SAID i should just go to the hospital yesterday,
but i had too much to do yesterday and today, so there you have it...
but TODAY? nope. three hours of work, and i could pop some relief, and call it a week.
you folks who can hop on your bikes and ride better do it, and be glad you can.
there's one guy here who would LOVE to trade his vicodin for a cliff bar and water bottle.
until then, though...


Pete Basso said...

Kim, Glad to see that you are progressing through the pain and hopefully reaching the end of the sufferfest. I thought about you this morning while we were riding. I knew you'd give anything to be out there with us and frankly I kinda miss your old butt and the funny stuff you always say. Get well soon and get back out with us, WE ALL MISS YOU. And despite any devil suite you may wear, you have been in my prayers for a speedy recovery. With a two year old around, your gonna need it...that I know first hand!!

nurse said...

I can't even call you a doctor. TAKE YOUR FREAKING MEDICINE. From a nurse to a patient, it will help your body recover properly. If you don't you are going to end up really hurting yourself, and your body doesn't need this stress. They make medicine for a reason. Do you want me to send you my lectures from my "Caring for the Patient in Pain" CoursE? jeez.

the mostly reverend said...

dear nurse--
thank you for your concern and valuable comments. i want you to know that i AM now taking my meds. i've spent the last three nights sleeping encased in a kinfe-lined corset. good old boris, my borzoi/greyhound pooch, has sensed my need, and has taken it upon himself to wake me to take meds.
if i listen to my DOG'S medical good sense, i'll CERTAINLY listen to yours, anonymous care-giver.