Monday, April 09, 2007

bernie williams fan? rock star fantasies?

bernie williams, future yankees hall of famer,
played guitar on stage with the allman brothers band
saturday night at the beacon theatre, trading licks with derek trucks and warren haynes,
during a very cool rendition of "who's been talking."
click here for part two.
his playing with the band was no fluke.
the band has a tradition of assembling
the most amazing and surprising guest lists
during their legendary spring runs, and this year proved no exception.
but bernie williams is not typical of the star gone rocker.
he had a music scholarship, and planned on such a career
before getting picked up to play baseball.
he has a new album coming out on jazz label grp,
and you can learn more here.
he's good.


Bart said...

Oh, who's that gung foo, karate, or judo idiot who showed up expecting to play in CA? Steven Segal I think, sucks is the descriptor used for his guitar playing I believe.

the mostly reverend said...

they wouldn't let mr. segal NEAR the stage. he tried, and security was told not to let him near. backstage security was bigger than segal's security.
anyway, he showed up with two guitars and two amp/speaker stacks.
you know, just in case the first five times they told him no they were just kidding.