Tuesday, April 17, 2007

why can't i be smart?

reading is too hard!

my brain doesn't fit in my helmet!

who the heck are THESE fools?

wanna be a wise guy?
wanna win all the arguments?
wanna impress the women with your massive brain?

pssssst...read this.


Pete Basso said...

The United States Constitution: Bill of Rights:

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

You see Kim, President Bush believes the same thing that our fore-fathers believe. If you get rid of the guns then the only people who will turn them in are the "good people" who have the guns. The bad guys will keep theirs and kill people like you and I.

the mostly reverend said...

so . . . you're in a militia?
i suspect that you and many others have no idea what the forefathers really meant, and why they wanted "a well regulated militia."
seriously, pete. four words, each and every one of them significant, and all of them completely ignored.

and kids like yours and ours die.
well regulated? hardly. [and those are just TWO of the words.]

digest those, and THEN we'll work on "a" and "militia."

Anonymous said...

Well spoken Pete!

(although, I think ya' commented on the wrong post!)

As for the Rev, you are sooo wrong! What are you yella'? Actually, you're probably one o' dem Commie - Pinkos with long hairs. I know yur kind. Educated, witty, smart, liberal ... Hog-wash!

Haven't you heard, them Russians are comin' and they a comin' fast! They want our freedom, riches and women! I have a basement full of illegal guns I bought at the gun show and I'm ready. Laugh at me now, but you'll see! How else are we supposed to protect ourselves?

Stockpile of bullets and guns- check
canned food - check
bibles - check

And if'n them Russians don't come for us, it'll be the goddam Terrorist killers our Commander and Cheif is always talkin' bout. You'll be sitting in your peaceful orphanage when all hell breaks loose listenin' to that funk music and I'll be savin' Amurica from evil doers!

The Militia Man

- always prepared to save the world from evil-doers a.k.a non-christians.

Anonymous said...

P.S. That link about smart people watchin' Daily Show and Colbert Report is bull-honky!

I'm smarter than alls of yous and I watch what's fair and balanced - FOX news!

The Militia Man

Rod said...

We can infer their intent, however, from the context of the rest of the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights enumerates CIVIL liberties...rights granted to indiviuals. Why in the entire list of individuals' rights would the Founding Fathers have slipped a liberty in there that would have only been guarranteed to memebers of a militia?? Just doesn't seem to fit if militia's rights is the interpertation, does it? Is there anywhere else in the Bill of Rights where rights are granted ONLY to members af any certain group(s)? Or were they just trying to slip one past us? Maybe they just wanted to make sure we were paying attention? Naw, probably not.

If a well regualted Military is the interpertation then, OF COURSE a military needs guns!! Isn't that a foregone conclusion? Think about this seriously now...do you REALLY think the Founding Fathers (the F.F. from this point on) thought there would be a problem with someone trampling on the military's right to own guns? They're the military, right? Isn't that what they do...carry guns and all?

The word "militia" has NOT been ignored, but a militia is also NOT a U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force or a National Guard...if that were the case don't you think the F.F. would have called it "The Federal Forces", "State Reserves" or "a well regualted U.S. Military"? Why didn't they just say "A well regulated Federal (and/or state) Military, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed"? Why did they SPECIFICALLY choose the word militia?

It's because a well regualted militia is none of the above named forces. A militia is simply an armed citizenry. Luckily the F.F. had the foresight to include that this armed citizenry must be "well regulated". Instant background checks and waiting periods fall into the "well regulated" category. Automobiles and prescription drugs are other example of areas that are "well regulated". That is not a guarrantee however, that CRIMINALS will not find a way to abuse that system of regulation and use those items in an Illegal manner. Doesn't mean that "well regualted" has been ignored, just means that criminals & sickos have skirted the system.

So technically Pete IS in a militia...as are you, I and every other citizen (that isn't a felon). And as far as guns go it's very well regualted. Go try to buy a handgun sometime. It actually takes LONGER than it does to buy a car, by the time you've satisifed all the waiting periods, acquired the proper permits and passed all the necessary background checks. The only arena that isn't well regualted is black market gun trade. But guess what, that's alredy ILLEGAL. Bad news is, criminals don't care if it's illegal or not. Looks to me like we may have an enforcement problem. Hmmmm.

I wonder how many lives might have been saved yesterday if only one of the victims would have been armed and been able to defend him/herself? What are the chances he/she could have stopped the sicko killer before he claimed vicitim #4...#5...#6 or #20. Probably better than the chances had been if they were un-armed. I think we already know what those odds were...

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I like this Rod dude. Hells yeah I'm in a militia!

Good point about if'n one of the victims yesterday had a gun how many lives mighta been saved. Guns + College campuses = yee-f cking-ha!

I think all college students should carry guns (except for when them are drunk or high)

Also, we should all carry guns on our belts like cowboys - everywhere's!

- Militia Man

Pete Basso said...

Kim - I looked up the meaning of militia and found five meanings of the word. Here is what Wikipedia says that caught my eye. Take special care in reading the part that discusses the US Constitution.

Wikipedia: The original meaning of the Latin word is "military activity", or, since the ancient Romans had the same people fight crime or respond to disasters, "defense activity". In the idiom of English during the 18th century, the same word would often be used for an activity and for those who engage in it, so "militia" meant both defense activity and those who engage in it, whether as individuals or in concert with others. In later times the term has come to be used mainly to refer to armed groups, but it would be a mistake to use it that way in discussions of the concept in the U.S. Constitution.

A related concept is the jury, which can be regarded as a specialized form of militia convened to render a verdict in a court proceeding (trial jury) or to investigate a public matter and render a presentment or indictment (grand jury).

Also, just last year the VT campus outlawed guns or weapons on campus. Do you think Mr.Cho got that memo? Maybe if someone did have a gun on them Mr.Cho wouldn't have killed 32 people.

Disclaimer: I do not own a gun nor have any desire to own a gun.

Lou Waugaman said...

I guess I am "conservative" after all, cause I sure-the-heck, couldn't agree with Pete and Rod more.

The left is so predictable. Using the VT massacre as a platform to advocate gun control. It's such weak argument. Of course criminals will always have guns.

Speaking of uber-dumb ideas, how about the Partiot Act? This thing was simply a quantum leap toward communism. Dispite spending zillions to try to secure our country, some untrained college kid kills 32 people. Any terrorist could do this at any college or public building at any time, with reckless abandon. Sure, we have caught a few miscellaneous bad guys, but there is no way to read the mind of a criminal. Meanwhile all our money has been squandered.

I'll take the Mullitia Man's list:

Stockpile of bullets and guns- check
canned food - check
bibles - check

Mistress Julie said...

I watch The Colbert Report not only because I have a HUGE crush on Steven Colbert, but it is clever and amusing.

I'd stalk the guy if I didn't have such a bad case of ADD. I could maybe stalk him for a whole seven minutes before I gave up. Oh who am I fooling? I'd last a solid three.

Anonymous said...

You guys are talking about the wrong problem. The real problem here was the fact that in the good old USA we ignore mintilly ill people untill they do something illegal and then just throw them in jail. This guy was giving off all kinds of signals and no one did shit. Take away all the guns and this guy would of used a bomb. I'm not a gun freak for or against. Guns are like abortoin. You could make them illegal but it still wouldn't save any lives. People have to care and just because it's a law dosn't mean they will.

Lou Waugaman said...

Mistress Julie; "Who am I kidding, I'd last a solid three..."

Sounds like my kind of gal. Where was she when I was still in the hunt?

Bart said...

I've got a couple of shotguns (12 & 20 guage) also a 30-30 rifle. Do I have to give 'em up being I'm a liberal and all?

Rod said...

No, Bart you have to give them up because you're an under-acheiver, man.

Bart said...

Oh Shit, I can't get off without my guns.