Wednesday, April 18, 2007

coming to a cobbled climb near you?

. . . . .
truly a command performance if she does this to a moto, what will she do to
YOUR sorry ass?

the devil LOVES it when she's on top!
[he's sharpening his trident]

you'd better have good legs on the snake,
because it won't be pretty.


Mistress Julie said...

You learned from lesbians?? Classic Kim.

schwartz-n-druber mens clothier said...

That shirt offended my son!

the mostly reverend said...

it's what i taught by sister nun of the above,
deputy head teacher of
cardinal sin middle school, right here in capitol city, iowa.
the orphanage is an arm of the school, and cardinal sin is a frequent visitor.
it's all a part of the orphanage's colorful history.

the mostly reverend said...

hey, schwartz--your ex-wife LOVED it--as did your ex-girl friend!
thanks for reading--now come fix me dinner.

Anonymous said...

Rev -

Please chase me with that Trident if I'm not riding top 5 the whole race ... and don't offer beer until after the race.