Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fixed Gear Gallery: My First Bike; My First Fixie

dear dennis,
love the site, by the way.
my grandpa and i study bikes every thursday
when he comes to spend the day with me.
he tells me stories about his old fixed gear bikes at nap time.
i'm just two, but i already have a fixie of my own.
it's a trash pile beauty queen,
named after some old world track champ, grandpa says,

it's pretty much stock: removed the front fender,

and modified the pedals with pine and nascar duct tape.

here i am, working on my track stand. not there yet.

and here i am, ready to put barbie away, and go cruisin' with grandpa.
thanks for putting my bike on your site with the others. it makes me feel good about wanting to be a cyclist--



Bart said...

Gads grandpa, pushy aren't you. Wait, do I see a set of one piece areo wheels? All she needs now is a flite saddle and you'll never keep up.

Dave said...

I take it the Barbie bike was denied.

the mostly reverend said...

de-NIED, like a bad check.
i should have plastered some laminated "ride a fucking bike" cards on the wheels, or a "cars are coffins" sticker somewhere.