Saturday, April 14, 2007

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April 14, 2007
Today's Outlook:
Our compassion is heightened by the watery Pisces Moon.
We may have to face an unexpected emotional situation
when the Moon conjuncts surprising Uranus at 3:33 pm EDT.
We are tempted to impulsively engage an argument,
instead of sitting in passive contemplation.
No matter what we say, though,
something just doesn't feel right
with rationalizing Mercury forming
a tense semisquare with diffusive Neptune.
We must move beyond language for lasting solutions.
ask the reverend!
dear the mostly reverend:
we are aspiring professional bicycle racers,
each of us a future "man for the classics."
the most recent gent-wevelgem, however,
has us a bit concerned, as we are fond of our knees.
how can we--and our wives--be sure that entering this race
won't be the last thing we do without crutches?
chad and jeremy
the mostly reverend says:
i am engaged in discussions with the u.c.i.
to have the organizers of such races install
guaranteed to make this race--and others--safer!
best of luck to you both.
the mostly

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