Sunday, April 08, 2007

for the birds?

while listening to the tour of flanders, with david duffield and the legendary sean kelly [], i was checking emails and following links from allman brothers posts and what-have-you, and while reading a brief article about dave mason's appearance with the brothers thursday night [i met dave last year; he has been my hero since way back when he and steve winwood and others were in traffic--he split and did some very tasty albums under the traffic name, and others], i saw a little tease headline about paula zahn.
i have followed her since, i don't know, curious about the tailspin that many hard news people take, and wondering where she would/will finally bottom out. her career seems destined for a sort of "entertainment tonight" dead end, sadly. lately, on cnn, she has begun to champion racial topics, and her prime time "news" program has almost exclusively covered such topics. and let me state here that i think it's great that cnn is covering such topics, and i think it's fine that they have paula zahn being the champion of such a cause.
but it has left me curious, that's all.
so i clicked on the headline about paula's marriage.
and i learned this:
April 4, 2007 -- JUST three weeks after Page Six ran a blind item about their crumbling marriage, Paula Zahn and her husband, real-estate magnate Richard Cohen, have filed for divorce. The blind item asked, "Which TV news anchorwoman is about to get separated from her husband? He suspects she's been having an affair . . . " An insider confirmed that not only does Zahn have a boyfriend, he's also married with children. Radaronline claims the man is ContiGroup CEO Paul Fribourg, who did not return our calls. "It's going to get very messy," our spy said. Howard Rubenstein, who reps both Zahn and Cohen - who have three kids together - declined to comment on any extramarital affairs, "because of the children," but did confirm the divorce. An insider added, "Things really started going downhill for Paula and Richard during the Pale Male and Lola incident." In 2004, Cohen, then president of the co-op board of the couple's swanky building at 927 Fifth Ave., signed off on removing the nest of two lovebird hawks perched on the ornamental exterior stonework. The eviction set off a global outcry, including a protest by Mary Tyler Moore, who lived there at the time.
* * * * *
did you catch the cause of the marital woes?
her husband's involvement in "the Pale Male and Lola incident."
? ? ? ? ?
now, regular readers--and even some of my friends--
are aware of my "status."
no, not that status [still straight: sorry, pete and lou],
but my standing as a single, long-divorced male.
every now and then,
i toy with the idea of seeking not so much a mate as
an occasional playmate,
but then i read about paula zahn and her love of hawks,
and i am reminded of the ethereal nature of love,
and am further reminded of how, generally,

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