Monday, April 02, 2007

early-season races are for introductions

they present a swell opportunity for meeting new teammates, and becoming familiar with new equipment. this weekend's all9yards altoona races were no exception.

here are but two such examples:
pete: "pete's rear wheel? meet jared [or ben]."
pete: "jared [or ben]? meet pete's rear wheel."
both: crash!!
pete's rear wheel: "pleased to meet you."

steve, fortunately, has thus far been grandfathered in,
without the traditional right of crashage.
but, steve, you've been warned!


scott said...

That's weird. It sounds as though meeting Pete's wheel is a completely different experience from meeting Pete. Pete is such a nice guy, but his wheel sounds like a complete a$$hole.

the mostly reverend said...

maybe he's riding some of lippold's hed "bastard" wheels?