Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ted stevens, brought to you by google, and youtube

a public service for all my readers and fans of politics

ted's a regular guy

he knows a truck when he sees one.

but some things give him serious concern.

by the way, the items in this post were all found on google, by entering "ted stevens" and then selecting only the first two items.

the internets is so easy this way!!

the link below gives a good background to poor ted's dilemma:

it also contains necessary links to youtube clips, AND the wonderful daily show report.
and now you know the REST of the story. paul harvey, good day.

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Bart said...

Well Ted still wants to drill in ANWAR yet he also wants better MPG in vehicles. Sort of puzzling, like his line about there being no connection between the Alaskan oil in the ground and pollution. Well I suppose that would be because the oil hasn't been drilled yet. But why drill the oil and add to the pollution problem.

For example, Clean Coal, this is from a commercial I watched on the boob toob the other night. Who's kidding who? Not going near global warming just basic pollution. For those of us old enough to have been around a coal fired plant the soot floating around isn't any fun. Yes this crap was still floating around in the late 60's and early 70's