Tuesday, April 03, 2007

corporate loyalty

who have demonstrated a long-term love and dedication
to the sport of cycling at all levels,
nike has announced that it, too,
is joining the ranks of those who love life without lance.
read all about it!
Bob Applegate, Nike’s Communications Director for Oregon, said,
“As of December 31, 2007,
we have decided to not renew our relationship with Trek.
The decision was mutual and we are looking at other options.”
When asked Applegate if the end of the Trek relationship
meant the end of consumer offerings,
he said that fact was “still not certain”
and that the future of Nike’s consumer cycling line
was “under review.” He added that Nike will continue
to be involved in developing and producing
gear for elite-level, Nike-sponsored cyclists.
Applegate said
Nike Cycling product will be available through 2008.
* * * * *
the reverend says "stock up on 10//2 crap now, or wait until after ragbrai,
and get them REALLY cheap!"


Bart said...

Corporate loyalty, hmmm, gets me thinking about the movie, "Rollerball." The original, not the knock off remake mother fucker for you kids out there!

Whatever makes the stockholders happy. Mel Brooks said it well in the writing of History of the World Part 1. The scene is the Roman senate talking about helping the poor to which the majority calls out, "Fuck the poor!"

Bart said...

Good picture of Sheryl Crow but anyone who used to fuck Kid Rock.....................

I Wonder if Lance's other nut rotted and fell off?

the mostly reverend said...

i had many choices, including a nearly naked shot, but i thought sheryl in repose was nice...

Bart said...

There is always the drunk cyclist for more skin sir