Tuesday, April 03, 2007


in other news, the sun will set tonight [740 pm],
and it is anticipated that it will, in fact, rise again, tomorrow [653 am].


gpickle said...

A few years ago I would have been shocked, saddened and angered by this news, but today I find that I don't give so much as a shit. Museeuw, Ullrich, Millar, etc have all been able to list on their palmeres that I was a fan, now I think they all suck, I can barely bring myself to read race coverage anymore.

Its not all bad, I find myself much more interested in endurance events be they road or mountain and as an added bonus I find that the folks riding those types of events are much more down to earth and friendly than your average USCF crit racer who would crash his/her mom to win a ten dollar prime with 20 laps to go.

Ah well, out for a ride I go!

the mostly reverend said...

hey, why do you ALWAYS bring up that crash, steve?
damn it, mom just freaked out; she shouldn't have been riding with the masters, anyway. she bridged from the women's field, but should have been content just to hang on the back of our break.
now PLEASE stop giving me a hard time, and let my mother rest in peace.

;- ))

and thanks for reading!

Bart said...

Pickle gets towards the point but what is the basis of the motivation to cheat? What desire or perhaps emotion drives the need for someone to win at any cost?

I would say GREED; Greed for fame, money, power, all the things that make the world go round. Not making light of power, it corrupts 99.9999999% of the time. Fame is fleeting and those who reach it spend their time trying to avoid it. Money, root of all evils, perhaps but greed lies beneath. I sort of think that society went to hell when one of our ancestors stood up.

Dave said...

9 bags of blood? No wonder he couldn't beat Lance. All of his engery was being used to make more blood.

9 bags of blood???????

the mostly reverend said...

dave, some folks just have more to give. maybe he thought it was the red cross, or maybe he was getting blood money for more ecstasy.