Wednesday, April 18, 2007

he's not only president of the kim west fan club...

he's a MEMBER!!
and to celebrate, the daily sermonette is announcing
with fabulous prizes, too!
* * * * *
"how do i enter, mostly reverend?"
"how do i WIN?"
it's SIMPLE:
all ya gotta do is finish the question i start,
and supply the answer to that question.

gee, batman, that's hard!
. . .
no, it's not, boy wonder. here's all you must do--
finish this simple question:
. . .
"how many members of the kim west fan club does it take to--?"
. . .
and then answer your own question!
you can't do that?
what are you, STUPID????
then post your completed question, along with the answer to your question,
in the "comments" section to this post.
which is found at the END of this post--NOT before it.


1 comment:

scott said...

Ah, I know this one!! It's a trick question.

There is no Kim West fan club.