Tuesday, April 03, 2007

doing really good things

[yup, i have 'em, and i love 'em--thanks!]
are familiar with ira ryan, my little buddy in portland, oregon.
if you are not familiar with him, or his bikes,
then you really need to take the time to follow
some of the links in this post.
to bring you up to speed:
ira, noteworthy to iowa cyclists as the ONLY winner
of trans-iowa, is a fledgling frame and bike builder
in portland, who learned his licks from sasha white,
but i'm guessing he learned about social responsibility
and the need to give and help others when he was growing up
in the iowa city area, and later,
when he was living at the orphanage.
he moved to portland, wanting to become a bike messenger,
which he did.
next, he wanted to become a full-time bike builder,
which he is.
and now, ira wants to help raise money to aid coffee growers in rwanda,
to help buy 400 specially-built bicycles to allow growers
to haul up to 200 kilograms of beans at a time.
here's where you can learn more about this amazing project.
here's where you can view some incredible photos
that show why these bikes are needed.
and if you have read this far, and if you are so inclined,
then you can find the place on the BTR site where
you can help out.
but at least read about it.

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