Wednesday, April 18, 2007

how i spent my spring break

my trip to london,
a watery adventure
bored, and having a month or so between appointments,
i decided to visit friends in england's lake district-
-friends i hadn't seen since teaching there in 1978.
i had traveled by bicycle then,
but thought i'd let someone else set my itinerary this time.
who else could i choose but my favorite internet know-it-all?
google maps, specifically.
if you're curious, here's what i did
[and here's how you can come to understand
the photo of me-above-getting ready to go]:
1--go to
2--click on "maps"
3--click on "get directions"
4--enter "new york" in the first box
5--enter "london" in the second box
6--click on "get directions"
7--scroll down to step 23.
. . .
i gotta get a new travel agent.


gpickle w/optional water wings said...

what the hell? i can't stop laughing now, damn you kim!

the mostly reverend said...

he's not only the president and founder of the kim west fan club,
he's a MEMBER!!