Friday, April 06, 2007

an easter gift

love might be blind, but sometimes it's
brutally honest, too.
easter egg hunt:
i realize there's lots of stuff out there
in the hundreds of miles of tubes that comprise the internets,
and i know there's some pretty clever fellas and gals with wild senses of humor
doing goofy things with those tubes.
here's a wonderful and surprising example.
take this site:
it seems sufficiently benign, right?
just a place trying to sell stuff to private pilots.
look around. see any signs that might relate to photos or images?
neither did i.
but up in your browser address line, whatever it's called,
add this after the .com: /images
then, manually type in: /Bush
then, manually type in: /bush.mpg
i love stuff like this.
and no wrappers to hassle with.


Anonymous said...

Bush lovers, (all 30some%)

See, he is a geniune f ck up, that long list are all actual f ckups ... how can you argue with that?

Rev, you obviously have spend long nights scowering this serier of tubes we call "the internets" to find that well hidden gem. Bravo.


the mostly reverend said...

i owe it to my readers--
regular people like you!

gpickle said...

that is a great series of photos no matter the subjects, I am glad that someone took the time. Thanks for the chuckle, Kim