Monday, April 16, 2007

FLASH! just in: jason out!

from my sources:
discovery rider jason mccartney will not be competing
in today's tour of georgia.
he has been diagnosed with viral meningitis,
and is hospitalized in georgia.
a full recovery is expected,
but how long this will take is not presently known.
i'll keep you posted.
jason is resting comfortably,
and is being seen by a large number of
doctors and medical students.
he has been prescribed an array of antibiotics,
and is expected to be released in two or three days.
again, i apologize for the typo yesterday,
now corrected.
get well, dude.

1 comment:

the mostly reverend said...

early editions of the sermonette read "spinal" not viral. i was TOLD "viral" and was THINKING viral, but these crazy fingers wouldn't have it.