Friday, March 14, 2008

another internets conspiracy?

[actual photo found on the internets]
[actual scene from actual ragby, 2006]
i love a good, juicy internets conspiracy as much as the next guy, but this one, involving two things i love--ragbrai and beer--REALLY has me going:
"I think the register has you covered. An official beer sponsor androuting past many amply stocked bars.With the registers past behavior regarding routing (Marne) , it isobvious to me that the official ragby beer sponsor (orbs) and otheradvertisers of the register have a noticable influence on the therouting. Take the North Liberty to Tipton route for this year. Thedirect route goes by NO bars that carry the product of the orbs sothey go an extra 40 miles thru 7 towns with bars.Zad could look up the bars in those towns on the beer tracker. Don'tknow if the beer tracker records brands, specifically orbs brands."
i should explain that one of my many internets search engines picked this up, and i haven't been able to dissect it as thoroughly as i usually do, it DOES make sense to me.
what do YOU guys think?
is it all about the buck?


Z said...

Ah... The shadowy puppet masters of RAGBY have had their evil twisted plot revealed. Perhaps the Rogues of the Night were correct in their interpretation those letters...

sda said...

man, that is an old-ass kinko's jersey in that bottom shot.

the mostly reverend said...

and that's an old-ass kinko's racer wearing it. it's always great to see folks bust out their old kits. that's kinko's team was hot back then. thanks for noticing roger dodger. look for him gettin' down in mo valley again this july.