Monday, March 03, 2008

jesus christ, redux

we are the nra:
how many random shootings/mass killings can YOU list?
why isn't gun control--or gun law enforcement--being discussed?
[other than the fact that tomorrow is texas]


Anonymous said...

DISCLAIMER: SARCASM INTEDED. The problem isn't too many guns. It's the fact that we don't have enough guns. If those Wendy's burger flippers were packing heat as well ground beef, they probably could have stopped the tragedy today. If students and teachers were allowed to carry guns, last month's shooting spree at NIU could have been averted. Teachers, students, campus security, burger flippers . . . they should all be packing the heat. Senseless killings. Murder suicides. What's wrong with this country?! I swear guns should be banned altogether.

the mostly reverend said...

instead of "supersize this?" the question should be "would you like another clip?"