Sunday, March 23, 2008

he is risen

my, my, my. he makes rev. wright seem all warm and fuzzy. of course, you ALL remember these ceremonies, don't you? talk about defense of marriage! he's creating armies of soldiers, a thousand at a time.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Democrats and religon James Carville added to the spirit of peace and harmony in the party by equating Gov. Richardson to Judas-Happy Easter Gov Richardson.

Nothing like pot calling kettle black rev. TMR it seems like you got "spritual" shit on the democratic front to confront because everytime you point to something bad about the Repubs they can do the same with the Dems.

Why not deal with real issues instead of bullshit like pastors.

THis type of contribution to the dialogue further dis-serves the sheeple as they focus on the "shiny object" rather than the issues. I am throwing the bullshit flag on this post-as it is no better than HIllary and Fox heaping onto the Obama pastor issue.

the mostly reverend said...

i haven't taken carville seriously for years. he's a twit, and that's the best i can offer.

my point is that unless a person says "i endorse and embrace everything my pastor and my church says and does," a pastor is just someone that a person maybe listens to; nothing more. i certainly don't advocate going to church--not on a weekly basis; not ever, for that matter. you go in there, and you risk all kinds of crap not of your own making.

any catholics out there? right. like you guys buy all that bullshit from rome, chicago, boston, dubuque, des moines, and every other gold and gem-covered diocese that coddles pedophiles and says you must believe this and can't do that, but if you do, all you've gotta do is say i'm sorry, and all is better. and the lesson there is what?

leave obama alone. THAT'S what i'm saying. shit. he went to church. it's not like he trekked to that crazy university in virginia to kowtow. do you think that i think that anybody pays attention to what i say--much less endorse and embrace it? i certainly wouldn't saddle any political candidate with THAT, for christ's sake.

like reverend wright, and reverend moon, i'm just some shithead with "reverend" in front of my name. my claim of expertise comes from riding bikes, not being a reverend.

but i CAN spot a pile of religious hypocrisy in a back yard filled with a winter's worth of dog shit. it has a less organic aroma.