Tuesday, March 11, 2008

have my people call your people

a good friend of mine, a bike racer who, although he loves his family very much, still manages to embarass them from time to time, is also a blogger, writing from omaha, nebraska, where he is honing his dental chops. a recent post addresses what can only be described as a clusterfuck, created by race promoters from three states who fail to consider the regional race calendar, traditional and long-standing race weekends, and what is truly best for the sport of bicycle racing in the midwest.
read all about it here. and then let your race promoters know what you think.
thanks, doctor, for bringing this up.


bryan said...

I thought this was about me for about 10 seconds. Then you had to go and bring up the dentistry thing ... nice.

Matthew Pavlovich said...


Who is this John guy from Iowa? He has apparently misspoken. He said that there are a total of seven races in the month of may in Iowa, I only count 5. And still four free weekends. This list of overlap could go on, but If we all just checked our calender, we could be racing in Mn, Ia, Ne, and Ks the whole season. Here is a new one... Duluth Stage race over Memorial day weekend. Not another stage race in the state the whole year, but why not do it over memorial day and cut both races numbers.



the mostly reverend said...

well, there's no explaining minnesotans, is there?

i don't know if they ALL cheat and use illegal drugs to improve their performance, but a lot of them do. they've not had a out-of-state racer-friendly schedule for years, a mon avis.

Steve Fuller said...

While I definitely agree that it's too bad that events are not scheduled better, I would observe that it's better to have too many choices than not enough.

Lindsey said...

Nice pic- where do I get one of those devices?

john said...

I'm that John Guy and if you are an old guy I sure hope you join us in Finchford. Looking at our Iowa Racing schedule, again - I count 18 races in May and 7 of them on the week ends.
We also have some good money for the Cat 4 women.
Kent Park is just around the corner.

the mostly reverend said...

which corner is THAT, john-guy?

and will that corner be swept?

see ya, old man!

Kristin said...

i am still embarassed, despite the family effort. only by winning will i not be ashamed, doctor.

the mostly reverend said...

linds--i have one of those in my bedroom.