Saturday, March 08, 2008

who's smiling now?

winning a stage in the tour of ireland
posing for his formal team photo, 2007
andy cornelison writes from italy...
Dear Mostly Reverend,
"I was just gonna email you but you beat me to it. Italy is amazing. The weather is shit right now, low forties and rain, but the roads are awesome. Cippolini lives 300 yards from where we are staying and he was supposed to ride with us today but he pussied out cause of the weather. Probably didn't want to mess up his hair. What is DST? Des Moines Snow Training? Just kidding. Tomorrow we're probably going to go do a six kilometer test climb. I'm gonna do my best but the climber dudes on the team will probably kick my fat ass. Anyway it's good to hear from you, stay in touch. Andy

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Anonymous said...

What a handsome young man!
I bet his dad is good looking too!