Wednesday, March 12, 2008

thoughts on a sunny day

it's been really nice lately around the orphanage, and it feels so good to get back in the saddle on a daily basis after recovering from my most recent calamity. i've seen lots of folks out and about, and although a fake patient session yesterday ran late enough that i missed the inaugural tuesday ride, i did ride out to the west end of the polk city bridge, hoping to catch the group on the way back. where the hell were you all? i happened to run into ken sherman, and we rode back into town together. he tells me he's continuing to train for triathlons. no leadville, no crazy big group rides.
i've been listening to people with slightly different ears the last couple weeks, taking notes of all the different ways folks can enjoy time on bicycles. quite a variety, it would seem.
after tonight's 530 ride from ritual cafe, where i joined jane, kelly, jen, lou, oh, crap, i'm forgetting now..., let's see, nathan, paul...and some other guys [i always try to remember the women's names--comes from growing up with and always living with only women], i stopped by zanzibar's for a quick doppio, and i ran into sergey and his wife, sarah. sergey is looking happy, hale and healthy after getting creamed by a pick up driven by a blind old coot who "didn't see" him and gerald johnson.
to my knowledge, he also didn't see them in the hospital, nor has he seen the inside of either a courtroom or a jail since nearly killing them both last summer.
sergey is back at work, and is swimming and riding his bike.
it was great to see them both. i look forward to getting together with sergey soon, riding with him, and sharing his thoughts with you all.
maybe i'll remember to dig out my damned phone and take a picture.
speaking of rides, in addition to the 530 wednesday ritual rides, in the next couple weeks, monday and friday rides will be leaving from the bike kollective location, at 617 grand avenue. couple hours or so, easy pace.


Buckshot77 said...

Not bad on the memory game there Kim, I think you only forgot Pete and I. I'll definitely try to hit up some of the Bike Kollective rides as well. I'll just have to remember to bring more than one tube after double flatting before I even started the ride!

Anonymous said...

The other rider that got hit by Mr. Magoo was Collier Schofield, not Gerald.He would have been the third victim if he didn't decide to sleep in that morning. I showed up for my 1st Tuesday ride in 10 years. It is a completely different animal than what is was back then when Ken, PJ, Bobo, Paul Miller, and I used to to it. I stuck until the first turnoff to Polk City then decided to save some leg for my Minburn loop on Wednesday. Glad I did, that wind was a bitch.


Steve Fuller said...

Reverend, I had stopped by the other day (Monday) to see if you were there. I guess that since you're back in the saddle, you will be easier to find on the road than in the home. Glad to hear that you are back on two wheels.

the mostly reverend said...

collier...i guess i got confused because gerald was always at the hospital every time i went.
thanks, brian.